An Angel's Touch Therapeutic Massage - Experience "THE DIFFERENCE"
 An Angel’s Touch
Therapeutic Massage
5407 Basswood Blvd. Ste. 101
Fort Worth, TX 76137
Below please find 2 forms to be filled out before your first appointment with us. Please make sure they are filled out completely and signed before your appointment. This will prevent any unnecessary delays and enable usto service you in a prompt manner. If you have any voucher (s), gift certificates or coupons, please remember to print it out and bring it with you.  If your voucher is on a phone, we can view it from there, however, you must arrive a few minutes early to allow time to find and upload your voucher. If your voucher is expired, you must print it out prior to coming.  We will not be able to view it on your phone because it is expired. Other clients have been experiencing difficulties with the phone applications which has resulted in a significant delay for scheduled appointments. Therefore, if you can print it out, that would be best.
We would like to ask that you prepare before your appointment by making sure you have proper directions and consider the time of day and traffic conditions. So that we may give the best possible service you deserve, being on time for your appointment is crucial to you and others scheduled before and after you.  In the event we are running behind and able to contact you, we will.  We schedule our appointments with enough time in-between so this does not happen however; we cannot control the arrival of other clients before your appointment.
 Please know that we will do our very best to alert you if there will be a delay.
Please note our office is NOT visible from the street. We are located on the northeast corner of Basswood and Park Vista. We are located behind First Choice Emergency Facility which IS visible from the street.   Also note that Basswood and Hightower are the same. You will see a large street sign for Hightower.  Basswood is a very small sign.
We look forward to meeting and servicing you.
VERY IMPORTANT:  If you are pregnant and in your first trimester,we cannot massage you.  We do not do prenatal massage until your 2 trimester.  If you are in your 2 trimester or further, we MUST have a note from your doctor stating he/she is “Permitting”you to have massage while pregnant.  We will not see you without the note. Please inform us if you are expecting.
FYI: If you do not show for your appointment, your voucher may be forfeited. If you have a Groupon, Living Social or Urban Delight voucher and you are scheduled for an appointment after the expiration date, and need to cancel and reschedule you may do so for anadditional fee
(No exceptions).  If you do not show for your appointment, your voucher may be forfeited. You may reschedule however, there will be an additional charge that must be prepaid at time of scheduling.
ILLNESS:   If you are experiencing any type of infectious illness (i.e., cold, flu, sinus infection, etc.), please contact our office BEFORE your appointment to make sure you can be massaged.  Some illnesses will worsen with massage.  If you do not contact us prior to your appointment and come to your appointment ill, we may determine to cancel and reschedule your session.  Your health is of the utmost importance to us and because we see many clients, we must also have their best interestand health considered.  This also pertains to taking any kind of antibiotic.
WEATHER: An Angel’s Touch may find it necessary to cancel and reschedule appointments depending upon the unpredictable winter weather.  We will always try and give you ample notice of cancellation.  Please know that our first concern is the safety of you, our clients as well as our therapists.  If we feel it is not safe,we will cancel and reschedule.
CHILDREN:  Our facility is not equipped to accommodate children while you are receiving your massage. We appreciate your understanding.
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