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Office Reopening Update

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We hope everyone is staying healthy and safe.

As you are aware, we have been given permission to reopen. We are extremely excited to get back to giving you the much needed care you have been missing and very much needing over these past two plus months. We understand that you would like to get in to see us as soon as possible and trust, we too want to take care of you as soon as possible. 

Upon the Governor's approval to reopen, there are new and additional guidelines as well as new requirements and restrictions individual businesses must take. We have spent the past two months attempting to prepare, however, we had no idea of what would be necessary 

until these protocols were published. We have been busy ordering 

state authorized and required supplies, such as disinfectants, sanitizers and PPE (which many are on backorder). There are also required changes within our establishment that are state mandated along with new and additional forms and practices in the way we do business. We are diligently working towards this with an end goal being a safe environment for you and our therapists. An Angel's Touch has always made a clean, healthy and safe environment a priority however, as mentioned, there are several changes we must put into place. We are attempting to make it as smooth of a process as possible for you as well as our therapists. We want to make certain that you will still have a comfortable environment as well as that "best experience" you are accustomed to having with us. With all that said, we felt it would be best to try and have everything in place as much as possible prior to opening. We have decided to reopen on June 2nd. We will be calling those of you whose appointments were cancelled as well as those of you who have reached out to us for appointments. We will begin calling on 

May 26th. If you have not reached out in regards to scheduling, please feel free to do so by calling our office directly. Please leave a voicemail and we will return your call to schedule an appointment. We obviously will not be able to make all our calls on May 26th however, we will continue calling until we have contacted everyone. We will go over all new information and protocols at that time. This is also new to us so we ask that you bare with us until we all get in the swing of things.

We sincerely appreciate your continued support, loyalty, concern & patience.

We look forward to speaking with everyone &

cannot wait to see you!

God Bless