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Description of Services

We at An Angel's Touch specialize in Therapeutic Massage.  This does not mean your massage will not be relaxing or that it will not feel good.  We want to educate the public on the necessity of therapeutic massage and the benefits of experiencing the healing AND relaxing effects it can have on your body, mind and spirit.

Swedish Massage:
This is the most common type of massage and sometimes also referred to as a "traditional massage."
The Swedish massage is done with light pressure.  Techniques include long gliding strokes, kneading, tapping and sometimes a shaking motion that affects the bodys muscles, nerves and glands. 
 The Swedish massage is ideal for relaxing and increasing your circulation and energy.

Deep Tissue Massage:
Deep Tissue massage is meant to reach deep into your muscles.  This type of massage is done by using deep muscle compression and putting friction along the grain of your muscles.  Although all forms of massage assist in releasing toxins, the deep tissue massage is a more intense approach.  This approach  is especially helpful for muscle damage from an injury such as whiplash or back strain.

Sports Massage:
This type of massage is meant to help prevent sports injuries, relieve swelling, fatigue and muscle tension.  It  is extremely helpful in increasing flexibility and assisting in enhancing athletic performance.  It can be (and is recommended) to be performed before, during, and after athletic events, and for those who exercise frequently.  This massage also consists of the therapist assisting you in stretching during your massage session. 

This is an acupressure type technique.  This massage is done on the feet and or the hands. 

Hot Stone Therapy:
This type of massage uses heated stones. The stones are moved around the body with light pressure to help relax you and your muscles.  An Angel's Touch includes Hot Stone therapy in each visit (if so desired) at no additional cost. 

Pregnancy Massage:
This massage is done for expectant mothers once you have passed your first trimester.  The massage is not much different then other types of massage other than that there are certain areas of the body that cannot be massaged during pregnancy.  Therapists are certified in pregnancy massage. A doctor's authorization/note is required before a pregnancy massage can be performed. Additional charge of $15. will apply for prenatal massage.

Aroma Therapy:
Aroma therapy is used during massage (if so desired) at no additional cost.  Essential oils are used for different reasons (ie, headaches, sinus problems etc).  Your therapist will consult with you at the time of your visit as to what type of essential oils they feel are best for you.

Couples Massage:
A traditional couples massage is basically a massage for two people and any of the above massages can be chosen.  The only difference is that you are in the same room with your husband, wife, friend, or mate.  Brothers, sisters, mothers, daughters, fathers and sons may also want to consider a couples massage.  If you would like to come in at the same time with someone and not be in the same room, that is okay too.

Salt/Sugar Swedish Massage Glow:
This service is great for exfoliation of the skin.  It is also good for detoxing. A light Swedish massage is done as the salt/sugar rub is placed on your body.  Great for summer to smooth and polish your skin and excellent in the winter for dry skin.  We use only top grade oils in our salt/sugar solutions.

Swedish Mud Massage:
This service is great for detoxing. A mud (clay type) mask is massaged over your body.  Great treatment for anytime of the year.

Ear Candling:
A cleansing of the ear through a suction type procedure done with a tube shaped candle. The candle is then lit at the top and creates a suction, which is said to rid the ear(s) of excess wax build-up. As well as being very relaxing and soothing,  It is also great for those who suffer from headaches, sinus problems and a number of other ailments.

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