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Facts You Must Know

When It comes to your health, you MUST KNOW THE FACTS !  An Angel's Touch was created for YOU.  By someone like YOU.  Not a Therapist, not a business investor just a client like yourself. I (Angela Lopez) thought the best person to know what people want are THE PEOPLE.  Being a massage client for over three decades and in the medical field for just as long, I know the importance of not only the benefits of massage but also what a great therapist really is and the difference they can make in your life when it comes to your health.  My idea was to hire the absolute best therapists I could find.  I wanted to make sure that they were knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated to their field and passionate about what they do.   I wanted to make sure they were doing massage therapy for the right reasons.  To help people, to educate them and make their clients #1.  I am very particular when it comes to my massage and my massage therapist.  I am also very particular how I am treated when I receive massage and the surroundings of the facility.  I am also very aware of  how the staff presents themselves and the reasons they do what they do and why they are there.  Not by just the therapist, but everyone in that facility..  I thought with myself as an owner (a client) and knowing what I want and expecting certain things and having the best therapists I could find, what a great match!  I could tell them what I expect as a client and they would give feed back as the therapist.  We have been blessed with our therapists.  They all have the same morals, values and goals I do.  This is why
An Angel's Touch is "THE DIFFERENCE".  This is why over 90% of our clientele is client referred.   You will always be our priority.

Now, I would like to share some concerns with you.  In the recent months, Massage Establishments and Spas have been opening everywhere.  Their advertised rates for new clients are very appealing.  Even their rates for monthly services are appealing.  Please be aware of what you are receiving for those prices.  Please make sure you always compare and ask questions.  These are things that An Angel's Touch prides ourselves on.  We ALWAYS provide a 60min or 90min session from hands on to hands off.  Most other facilities provide  50 minutes (as a 1 hour session) and  80 minutes (as an hour and a half session).  We DO NOT ever reduce your massage time because of paperwork, restroom time or preparation.  We also include Hot Stones, Hot towels and Aroma Therapy (if you so desire) which are very beneficial to the healing process at NO ADDITIONAL COST.  Usually, once you add all these additional services to your visit at other facilities, you end up spending anywhere from $10.00 to $35.00 more for your massage session.  Remember, just because something is more expensive does not mean it's the best out there and just because something is less expensive, does not mean you are getting a deal.  We encourage you to do what is right for you however, our goal is to give our clients the BEST and QUALITY service for the most reasonable price.  That again is why An Angel's Touch is
 "THE DIFFERENCE".  Come see what everyone is talking about. 
We look forward to servicing you.


Angela A. Lopez

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