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   An  Angel's Touch


Our Fun/Celebration Times

Holiday Celebration Christmas 2017

Moviehouse & Eatery, Keller, Good Food, Delightful Movie and GREAT Company

Several of our Angel's were unable to attend.  We Missed YOU!!


2016 Dallas Ultimate Women's Expo 

The Angels and I went to the Dallas Ultimate Women's Expo.  We Saw keynote speaker, Kim Fields.  What a beautiful, blessed message she spoke.  Kate got a haircut, Nicole spun a wheel for a vacation, while we all shopped, bonded and experienced many different things.  We had an AWESOME time!!

Our Angel's March and April Birthdays


HAPPY Birthday Nicole!!  Knowing you, you will celebrate the entire month.  LOL  Well deserved .

We Wish you much fun, love,  laughter and most of all, many Blessings 0n your day and in life.  

Happy Birthday Elaine!! We wish you much joy and happiness on your special day.  We hope to celebrate future Birthdays with you.  All of us wish you peace, laughter and many blessings on your special day and in life.


Happy Birthday Nicole!

Hope your day was special.

                           Happy Birthday Tashima!

Hope you had a wonderful day.

Happy Birthday Kate!

Hope your day was terrific.

Christmas 2015

A beautiful holiday lunch.  We thought this year we would do something a bit different.  We got to spend quality time together, exchange gifts and much laughter.  I must say, it was GREAT!  

(A few of us are missing from the photo however they did join us later.)

Thank you to All of our clients who thought of us during the holidays. We could not capture everything, but here are just a couple of wonderful things.  

Delicious HOMEMADE cookies.  The tray was enormous.  They were truly enjoyed by all.


No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you.  HOMEMADE CANDY!!

It was sooooo


Therapist Recognition Trip 

Nov. - 2015

Surprise trip for two of our therapists, 

Nicole & Kate.  They had 

NO IDEA where we were going until we arrived at the airport.  

I think their faces say it all !!

Hollywood was our first stop.  Universal City Walk, Hollywood Blvd, TMZ Celebrity Tour (we saw JOHN SAVAGE ! ), DASH store (for Nicole) and saw a Red Carpet premier prep for Will Smith's new movie.


Showed the girls around Beverly Hills, Rodeo Dr., Wilshire, etc.  Had a FANTASTIC lunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel.  The food was AMAZING !  Our waitress Ana kept us laughing the entire time.  What a beautiful Hotel, lunch & day!


We spent our final day at the Marina.  Walked along Fisherman's Walk, took in the beautiful ocean views, saw a couple Sea Lions sunning (haha) and had our final meal in CA. 

Annual Holiday Celebrations

Celebrating Holidays

Celebrating Holidays

Celebrating Holidays

Celebrating Holidays


candy and cookies

 for the holidays. 

 Thank you to our wonderful clients,  

Linda and Mike!! 


YUMMY cookies 

from one of our wonderful clients.

Thank you Jackie !! 


We had a GREAT time!!!.

Massage Convention - Las Vegas, Nevada

June - 2013


Moroccan Restaurant. 

 5 course meal, 

belly dancing and a

 great time. 

 Oh, and by the way, Audrey thought she could do better than the belly dancers.  

She actually did.!!

Taking a little break from the Massage


in Las Vegas. 

 By the pool in the CABANA!!

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